Vermont Wedding Photographer: Daniel and Leah’s Intimate Riverside Farm Wedding

Leah and Daniel’s love story is straight out of a movie and I couldn’t be happier to share their wedding day with everyone!

Their love story all started in 2011 at summer camp in Southern Maine. On the first day, when Daniel had caught Leah’s eye, she told everyone at camp that by the end of the summer Daniel would be holding her hand. She was confident in her thinking that he was going to be hers! Come the last day of camp, Daniel just couldn’t leave without spending more time with her.

Leah is drawn to Daniel’s unwavering ability to make her feel comfortable, safe and secure, and irreplaceable and no matter where they are together, she feels at home. One day on a spontaneous trip to Charleston, South Carolina, Daniel remembers watching Leah smile and laugh and it was then that he realized how happy she made him feel. He adores the way her positive outlook affects everyone around her and he finds her endlessly inspirational.

Together they are goofy and playful (if you can’t tell from the pictures!), completely unprompted and so full of love for each other. They are both thoughtful, in that they set their wedding date at five years to the day from their first kiss that one year at camp, making July 20th quite the milestone in their relationship. More proof of Daniel’s thoughtfulness is that he had the coordinates of summer camp engraved onto Leah’s engagement ring. I mean, c’mon guys, take a clue from Daniel!!

2016-07-27_0001 2016-07-27_0003 2016-07-27_0004 2016-07-27_0005 2016-07-27_0006 2016-07-27_0007

I found Leah quite nervous with excitement as she got ready, each new visitor to the bridal suite bringing joyful tears to her eyes as she was just so unbelievably happy. Leah jokes about being able to get through every situation with a burrito in one hand and a jar of peanut butter in the other. Since her wedding dress didn’t have pockets, her mother kept telling her she could put a burrito in her gown pockets for her!


2016-07-27_00022016-07-27_0008 2016-07-27_0009 2016-07-27_0010 2016-07-27_0011 2016-07-27_0012 2016-07-27_0013 2016-07-27_0014 2016-07-27_0015 2016-07-27_0016

After their private and emotional first look, and surrounded just by a couple friends and their immediate families, Daniel and Leah were lead through the signing of the Ketubah by Rabbi Emily Lipof.


2016-07-27_0017 2016-07-27_0018

From inside the red barn, they processed down their long outdoor aisle to the elated faces of their closest friends and family and were married in the field surrounded by the Vermont mountains and gorgeous New England farm architecture.


2016-07-27_0019 2016-07-27_0020 2016-07-27_0021 2016-07-27_0022 2016-07-27_0023 2016-07-27_0024 2016-07-27_0025 2016-07-27_0026 2016-07-27_0027 2016-07-27_0028 2016-07-27_0029 2016-07-27_0030 2016-07-27_0031 2016-07-27_0032 2016-07-27_0033 2016-07-27_0034 2016-07-27_0035 2016-07-27_0036

I then swept them away for their portraits around the stunning Riverside Farm property, a photographer’s dreamland, before bringing them back to their guests at cocktail hour.

2016-07-27_0037 2016-07-27_0038 2016-07-27_0039 2016-07-27_0040 2016-07-27_0041 2016-07-27_0042 2016-07-27_0043 2016-07-27_0044 2016-07-27_0045 2016-07-27_0046 2016-07-27_0047 2016-07-27_0048 2016-07-27_0049 2016-07-27_0050 2016-07-27_0051 2016-07-27_0052 2016-07-27_0053

The rest of the night was filled with delicious foods, dancing barefoot in the grass and spending quality time with their loved ones. 2016-07-27_0054 2016-07-27_0055 2016-07-27_0056 2016-07-27_0057 2016-07-27_0058 2016-07-27_0059 2016-07-27_0060 2016-07-27_0061 2016-07-27_0062 2016-07-27_0063 2016-07-27_0064 2016-07-27_0065 2016-07-27_0066 2016-07-27_0067 2016-07-27_0068 2016-07-27_0069 2016-07-27_0070

To Leah and Daniel, thank you so much for choosing me to be your photographer. You are both such wonderful souls and I can see why you both love each other so dearly. You fit like a glove with each other and you light up the sky with your smiles. Happy adventures together as you start this next chapter of your love story.


Venue – Riverside Farm, Pittsfield, VT

Caterer – Vermont Farms Catering

Florist – Pittsfield Garden Center

DJ – 802 DJ

Hair & Make-up – Lauren Wlodyka

Linen – The Linen Shop

Officiant – Rabbi Emily Lipof

Transportation – Gramps Shuttle


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  • Carmen Irizarry Kosow

    Chelsea thanks for capturing the day so beautifully. My daughter found a gem with you. The pictures are all breath taking just as magical as the day itself.ReplyCancel

  • Marcy Prager

    Chelsea, you captured the multi faceted “spirit” of Daniel and Leah in these magical pictures. They are indeed the “special souls” you described, which you SHOWED so clearly in these pictures! May the magic of the love and feelings Daniel and Leah share together continue throughout their lives together.ReplyCancel

  • Michelle Trumble

    You captured the essence of Leah and Daniel. Your photos are stunning. The wedding was emotional in every sense, especially for all of her mom’s. We laughed, we cried, but most of all we loved. So proud of our Leah ! A great time was had my all.ReplyCancel