Family session at the Cranwell Resort in Lenox

The Ackerman Family met me atop the hill at the Cranwell Resort and we soaked in some of the last rays of a beautiful spring day. The views from the mansion are completely of the Berkshires and lay out the mountains that surround the Lenox area. Dana and Olivia were such lovely girls to run around with and they gave their pup, Luna, lots of love, which she returned in slobbery kisses and nose nuzzles. And before the sun sank below the trees we worked in some head shots for Ilana to use for her professional profiles.

2017-04-12_0001 2017-04-12_0002 2017-04-12_0003 2017-04-12_0004 2017-04-12_0005 2017-04-12_0006 2017-04-12_0007 2017-04-12_0008 2017-04-12_0009 2017-04-12_0010 2017-04-12_0011 2017-04-12_0012 2017-04-12_0013 2017-04-12_0014 2017-04-12_0015 2017-04-12_0016



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