Berkshire Wedding Photographer: Jasmine and Ben’s Turn Park Engagement Session

When Jasmine and Ben told me they were hoping to do an engagement session while they were in town for a couple of days, I immediately jumped at the chance to have them send over some inspiring locations for the session. She sent back some cool sculpture parks or sculpture exhibits in the area and Turn Park caught all our eyes. The park opened up on Mother’s Day weekend in West Stockbridge and it’s right adjacent to town. I didn’t even know it existed until Jasmine mentioned it! Inside the park are a variety of sculptures and landscapes and it’s definitely worth a casual stroll complete with a picnic in the grass! 2017-07-18_00012017-07-18_00022017-07-18_00032017-07-18_00042017-07-18_00052017-07-18_00062017-07-18_00072017-07-18_00082017-07-18_00092017-07-18_00102017-07-18_00112017-07-18_00122017-07-18_00132017-07-18_00142017-07-18_00152017-07-18_0016

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